Thursday, October 30, 2008

SA2 IS OVER ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Hi everyone,nice to meet you again. Well, SA2 is over!!! Are you happy? Maybe you are, I am. Have you studied hard for it? Are your results good/bad? Mine, ok. As the exams are arealdy over, let's have some fun!!
Oh wait, I forgot one more thing. Do not have fun so quickly, it's time to study for P3 as to get ready.

See ya next time.Bye.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SA2 is just around the corner

Tommorow will be our SA2 paper 1. Work Hard!!
Next week, we really have to work hard for it.
So don't play too long and forget to revise your work.
Let's work together and get flying colours for our SA2.
Try these websites to play games. to play games. to create a blog.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our 2nd/3rd Excursion-Jurong Bird Park

Hooray!! We are going for our 2nd/3rd excursion.....Jurong Bird Park!! Are you excited?! Well, my mother has told me something about birds as she was a tour guide last time. She said that Bee Hummingbirds are the smallest bird in the world. It is about the size of a bee. It also lays the world's smallest bird eggs which are about the size of our smallest fingernail. She aslo said that an owl will go blind if you take photo/capture with your camera and with your flashlight on. She told me that ostrichs are the biggest bird. It's egg is aslo the biggest and it equals to about 20 smaller eggs. It is the fastest bird as it can run faster than a train. If you miss the MRT train, you can call an ostrich to help you boared the train but, it is very....stupid!! When an ostrich meet any danger, it would hide it's head underground. As it thought that he cannot see it's enemy and he enemy could not see him. But, his enemy could see his big buttock on top and would eat him up! She was so interesting. If she was there, our trip will be more interesting!!!I hope she would go!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Maths Competition

Our school had brought some of the pupils to Global Indian International School to a Maths Competition. We had finished our 2nd round. The 3rd round would be held after SA2.

Round 1

Ng Jing Ying : 596/600

Cheryl Kho : 595/600
Rachel Tan : 594/600
Tommy Wee : 594/600
Estella Teh : 592/600
Lim Kai Wen : 575/600
Yun Jing : 276/600

Round 2

Ng jing Ying : 600/600
Cheryl Kho : 600/600
Rachel Tan : 595/600
Lim Kai Wen : 593/600
Tommy Wee : 591/600
Estella Teh : 590/600
Yun Jing : 558/600

I hope I can get through my Round 3.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our Project

Hi, my group members, how is the project?Good/Bad?I am ok, you? Who will bring the sweet?Who will make the puzzle?Who will tell the story?Of course you all will ask me to tell the story, right?Who will teach the students play our game?(Jail)Oh,maybe the whole group(including me) will have to teach.Wow, I can't wait for the project day!!How about other groups (especially green), are you all ready?!Let's go!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Hobbies

Hello,we are learning about hobbies right? So I am here to tell you about hobbies.
Do you know what is my favourite hobbbies?(Answer below)
I am also very curious with your favourite hobbies.Please write your hobbies and post it in "Comments".

Thank You , have a nice day.

Answer:My favourite hobbies are "Reading" and Playing Video Games!
Have you guess it correctly?


SA2 is coming!! Have you studied hard for it?
Hope you will do well in your Exams!!

Thought of the day

Invite others towards good with wisdom.
Live life with no excuse and love with no regrets.
When life gives you a 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile.
Face your past without regret.
Handle your present with confidence.
Prepare for the future without fear.
Keep the faith and drop the fear.

Great men say, 'Life has to be an incessant process of repair and reconstruction, of discarding evil and developing goodness?. In the journey of life, if you want to travel without fear, you must have the ticket of a good conscience.' The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling..And even more beautiful is, knowing that you are the reason behind it!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008