Sunday, November 22, 2009

My 2 years in Endeavour Primary School

I had a wonderful time in Endeavour Primary School. I spent 2 years in the school and these are the trophies I got. I specially would like to thanks, Mr & Mrs Tay as my form teachers for this 2 years. And also all the teachers who thought me. They really let me have a memorable stay in Endeavour.

I hope all of you will have a great time in Endeavour. I missed all of you very much. Do visit my blog and I will update when I am free.


Afiq said...

Wow!Congratulations about going to your new school!!!!Thank you for teaching me when I was in your group!

P.S.:I will miss you!!!!!!!!!!

Tommy said...

Thanks. I will miss you too. Anyway we stay in the same block.

Afiq said...

Oh right,I forgotten.